Services We Provide

We have three different systems to meet your needs.
Whether large or small the occasion may be,                                      
We have you covered
. Now,  LET'S ROCK !!!


There are six different packages to choose from:

Package 1 :  One DJ, small system, no special effects, no lights.

Package 2 :  One DJ, one MC, minimum lighting, small system.

Package 3 :  One DJ, one MC, more lighting, medium system, fog effect.

Package 4 :  One DJ, one MC, Full lighting, large system,
special effects, party favors.

Package 5 :  Package 4 plus one more DJ and MC.

Package 6 :  Package 4 plus one live  Latin band.

Special  package available for children parties.

Entertainment and rides are available for block parties.

**Large system is very loud, best for large venues or
outdoors**                                     ** Not for the weak hearts**

NOTE:  With the exception of package 1, a non refundable deposit
is required for any of the above packages.

Balance must be paid on or before date of event.